- versions 1.7-1.8

ApexPvP is a small but ever growing Practice server. We offer unique features such as bot fights, fight replays, events, and more!

Bot Fights

ApexPvP offers a unique feature called bot fights. Bots are robots that act and look like players, and fight you. They may be a bit buggy, as it's hard to make bots that act just like players.


We offer four different levels of difficulty, and the level is selected in a GUI. When you join the server, and click on the item in your hotbar called "Bot Fights", you can choose a kit to fight the bot with. The bot will also have that kit. Then, you choose a difficulty. Easy, normal, hard, or hacker mode.


Killing bots or being killed by bots will not affect statistics. This is due to numerous exploits you can use to kill the bot. Bot fights are purely for fun and for practice.

Party vs Bots

If you're in a party, you can join a party vs bots game. This is where there are an equal amount of bots as there are people in your party, and you fight them until one team is entirely eliminated. You can choose the kit and difficulty just as you would normally with bots.

Fight Replays

We offer a unique feature on ApexPvP called fight replays. They allow you to replay the entire duration of a fight using NPCs to represent players.

Finding a Replay

To find a replay, simple run the command /replays. This should bring up a GUI where you can select a replay to watch. These replays will date back at most about a week, so after that they will most likely become unavailibe. There will be multiple pages of replays, so click on the arrows in the bottom corners to move between pages.

Staff Usage

But remember, staff members can view replays too. This means that they can get evidence if you're breaking a rule, even after it happened.


On ApexPvP, we offer a variety of different unique and competitive event gamemodes.

Sumo Tournaments

Sumo tournaments are fairly self explanatory. You are put into a lobby while you wait for the tournamnet to start, and players are randomly chosen to fight each other. The winners go on to fight someone else, and the losers are eliminated and become spectators. This process repeats until the final fight, and the winner of that is the champion of the event.

1v1 Tournaments

1v1 tournaments are also self explanatory, you join the lobby for the event, and once it starts 2 players are randomly selected to fight each other. The winner of that fight goes on to another round, and the loser is eliminated and becomes a spectator. This process continues until the final round, and the winner of that fight is the champion of the event.

Last Man Standing

Last man standing events go like so: when the event has started, all players are teleported to the LMS arena. There, you will be given a custom kit for LMS, and you fight the other players. The last player alive wins the event.

King of the Hill

King of the hill is an event where there is a capper, or hill, in the center of the map. When the game starts, players will be split into two teams. Those two teams will spawn on seperate sides of the map. To win the event, one team alone must be the only team on the capper for 30 seconds straight. If an enemy player manages to get on to the capper, the time is reset.


Juggernaut is a unique event. One player is randomly selected to be the juggernaut. That player is given very good gear, while everyone else has mediocre gear. They all try to kill the juggernaut, and if the juggernaut dies, everyone else wins. If it's been more than 3 minutes (the period of time can change based on the preference of whoever's hosting the event), and the juggernaut is still alive, the juggernaut wins.